Slay The Killer Shoulder Pain With Chiropractic Adjustment

While thinking about chiropractic therapy, you usually think of treatment for the back pain, neck, and spine issues. But do you know chiropractic therapy is the most authentic way to treat various shoulder issues as well? If not, then read this article to understand how chiropractic therapy helps you get rid of shoulder pain.

Types Of Shoulder Pain

Before moving towards how the chiropractic adjustment eases the shoulder pain, let us enlist some types of shoulder issues that could cause pain.

  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Sprained shoulder
  • Tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Bursitis

Shoulder pain is often associated with the problem in the tissues, muscles, ligaments, or tendons. A professional chiropractor would analyze the problem and perform the adjustment therapy accordingly.

Frozen shoulder:

A frozen shoulder could make your sleep a nightmare for you. The severe and acute pain in the shoulder can refrain you from all kind of shoulder movements. If left untreated, a frozen shoulder may lead to complete movement restriction of the affected shoulder. With the chiropractic therapy, a chiropractor not only relieves the pain but also allows the shoulder muscles to heal.


The bursitis is the excruciating inflammation of Bursa Sac, and if left unattended might take years to heal. With chiropractic therapy, the bursitis inflammation witnessed to be decline along with the demotion in pain. The chiropractic adjustments after relieving the inflammation, reduce the friction and the pressure in the affected area with the chiropractic manipulation.

Rotator Cuff Injury:

The severe inflammation in the supporting muscles of the shoulder could lead to the rotator cuff injury. According to the common belief, only the surgery can cure the rotator cuff injury, but this is not true. The rotator cuff injury causes inflammation, weakness, and stiffness of the muscles supporting the shoulder and can spread to the neck area, inhibiting all kinds of movements.

A chiropractor massage will relax the stiff muscles, cure the inflammation, and ease the shoulder movement with chiropractic manipulations.


A sudden and severe inflammation in the tissues connecting muscles to the bones is known as tendonitis.

The inflammation can make your shoulder completely immobile if not treated. Tendonitis usually occurs in aged individuals. However, that is not an exception. It can happen to anyone being involved in injury, accident, or any repetitive shoulder movement.

The chiropractor analyzes the inflamed tissues and then apply various chiropractic techniques, including adjustments, manipulations, strengthening, and stretching exercises to cure the inflammation and ease the movement.

Bottom Line

With the shoulder pain, it is imperative to discover the root cause of the problem and then discuss it with your chiropractor. How long it takes the chiropractic therapy to heal depends entirely on your condition. However, if you want chiropractic therapy for any kind of pain in your neck, back, hip, or shoulder, feel free to contact Roach Family Wellness for the professional chiropractic sessions.

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