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Kids have spines and nervous systems too. We see tons of healthy kids in our practice! Dr. Roach’s youngest patient was less than 1 hour old. He has adjusted Mom’s and babies in the hospital. Dr. Roach’s kids take supplements and get adjusted regularly.

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Pediatric Chiropractic

And why children should see a chiropractor.

What do children have to do with chiropractors?

I’m sure you already know what a chiropractor is. They deal with your bones and overall skeletal system and also help relieve pain. Chiropractic care is sought after every once in a while by adults. What you probably were not aware of is the fact that chiropractic visits can be beneficial to youngsters as well. Children and infants have quite fragile bones at a young age. The spine of a child is crucial to their overall health and this is why chiropractic visits are essential every once in a while. In today’s day and age more parents than ever before scheduling their kids for visit to the chiropractor. As you keep reading, you will learn why you should consider doing the same.

Why is it important for children to seek chiropractic guidance?

As young children, the body is constantly developing at a fast rate. The spine is the backbone of a child’s body and contributes greatly to the overall health of the child. Periodically a visit to the chiropractors will result in a spine check-up just to ensure that everything is developing as it should be. Without visits to the chiropractor, children may experience abnormal spine growth. This could pose serious health problems later on in life. A simple periodic visit to the chiropractor will result in early detection and treatment. In the long run, these visits will greatly benefit the child. The children who should be making sure to visit a chiropractor are the one’s who play sports. Sports such as soccer or football can result in serious injuries and can result in abnormalities in the skeletal system. These may go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Taking your child to a chiropractor will provide a much higher chance of finding this injury or abnormality right away.

What are the typical reasons for children visiting a chiropractor?

A study conducted in the U.S has shown the most common reasons in which children visit a chiropractor. The first reason was an earache, with 11.3% of people surveyed saying they took their child for this reason. Next up was neck pain with 10.6% of people reporting this as the reason. After this 10.3% of people said they took their child for a regular check-up. A headache was the cause of a visit for 8.8% of the people surveyed. Next up were upper respiratory problems which were reported by 7.1% of parents. Proceeding this was low back pain which was said by 6.3% of parents. After this, 4.5% of parents said they took their child to the chiropractor due to allergies. 3.3% of parents said that they took their child for asthma and the same percentage said they took their child for bedwetting (enuresis). Finally, 3.2% of parents said that they took their child to a chiropractor for mid-back pain. There is a multitude of reasons why children visit the chiropractor, however, these 10 conditions make up 70% of the reasons why.

What are the typical reasons for infants requiring chiropractic visits?

Infants should be checked by a chiropractor shortly after they are born. These reason for this is due to the fact that the birth process can be highly vigorous at times. A chiropractic visit will allow the chiropractor to examine the infant. During this examination, they will make sure that the spine is healthy, aligned and not out of the proper shape or pressing against nerves. This will ensure that compressed nerves do not contribute to other conditions such as earaches and asthma. A healthy spine is crucial as this will cause many future complications. As the infant begins locomotion and starts to crawl proper spine function is a necessity.

Is it dangerous for a chiropractor to adjust a child?

The short answer is no. Chiropractors have been adjusting children for over a century. During this time there has not been a single reported incident in which a chiropractic incident harmed a child.

Chiropractors use very gentle and non-harming techniques when working with children. This provides parents with ease and comfort, knowing that they have nothing to worry about.

When exactly should children be taken to the chiropractor?

Right after birth is a good place to start. Like mentioned earlier, the birth process can be vigorous. A check-up shortly after birth will allow for proper examination to ensure everything is normal. Even a seemingly perfect birth can have hidden complications. A chiropractic examination will confirm that this is not the case. Certain studies have conveyed that children who were diagnosed with asthma and ear infections also had spinal subluxations which may have been the cause.

What are the possible conditions which subluxations can cause?

When people think of a chiropractor, what comes to mind is someone who deals with bones. Most parents, however, do not take their children to the chiropractor due to back pain. Many of the conditions treated by chiropractors have nothing to do with the spine. Some of these conditions consist of;

• Asthma
• Sore throat
• Arthritis
• Bronchitis
• Neck aches
• Bedwetting

What problems can arise from a spine being out of alignment?

The spine is a vital part of the body as mentioned earlier. It is very important to the physiology of the body and the body would not be able to function properly at all without it. The spine being out of alignment can cause consequences to the nervous system. Misalignment fo the spine can result in pinch nerves. Spinal misalignment can also interfere with signals from the brain to the rest of the body. This will result in a deterioration of the overall health of a child’s body.

What ways can parents use to tell if their child requires chiropractic care?

If a child does not display obvious symptoms, it can be extremely difficult for a parent to tell if their child requires chiropractic care. Even though it is difficult, there are still some signs which can help parents to determine whether their child needs a visit to the chiropractor’s office. The first reason is that their baby head is constantly leaning towards one side. Another red flag is that their child has restricted motion on one side for their neck and head. Another thing they can look out for is if their infant has irregular sleep. Finally, another thing to look out for is feeding and breasting difficulties in young infants.

What will a child’s chiropractic treatment entail?

Firstly, the chiropractor will take a history of the child in order to identify any subluxations. Next, they will perform a soft chiropractic adjustment. They will either use a tool or the tips of their fingers. This adjustment will be gentle yet still effective. This should restore normal spinal alignment to the child. In infants and babies, a chiropractic adjustment requires very minimal pressure. For references, the amount of force required is about the same to check if a tomato is ripe or not. Since children and infants are still young and development there is not much pressure required to shift the spine back into place. The Oasis Chiropractic Centre is a place where children enjoy to receive this treatment, due to the fun and nurturing environment.

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Kids also get injuries

Kids get in car accidents. Kids fall on average 5000 times before the age of 5, do you think that may move some things out of the normal positions and cause some problems? Chiropractic care builds strong immune systems. Altamonte Springs chiropractic care helps kids recover from injury faster to get back to sports.

Regular chiropractic care helps prevent injuries and improves function and performance in our little athletes.

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What our parents say all the time

  • My kids don’t get sick anymore since I started coming here
  • My kids don’t get ear infections
  • I avoided getting tubes put in the ears of my child since I came here and you did a simple adjustment
  • My kids are sleeping better
  • My kids are eating better
  • My kids have better digestion
  • Thank you for the supplements you recommended for us
  • My hyperactive child has calmed down, without dangerous medications
  • My kids are happier
  • My kids are better behaved since we started coming here as a family
  • My kids ask every week when we are going to see Dr. Roach


    “I had neck, upper and lower back pain, headaches, right arm and shoulder pains and pain in both legs for a couple of years before coming to Roach Family Wellness. My chiropractic treatments have helped me with the pain and movement. It has also helped me live a better life and feel better about myself.”
    Aurea S.

    “I suffered for 7 years with ankle discomfort due to a sprain and had tried to correct the problem with rehab exercises. When I found Roach Family Wellness, the ankle adjustments improved my range of motion and decreased discomfort, allowing me to go back to my regular exercise routine. The back adjustments have improved my posture and allowed me to perform exercises that had been causing neck pain.”
    Mark R.

    “I suffered with lower back pain for years and hip pain for about a year before coming to Roach Family Wellness. I am now able to stand up straighter, and I don’t have as much pain in my back. My headaches are much better than they used to be.”
    Tammy C.

    “I had lower back pain and a bad curvature of my spine for many years and did see other chiropractors. After chiropractic treatments at Roach Family Wellness, my back no longer hurts during the day and I’m able to get a more restful sleep. I’m also more flexible.”
    Amber W.




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