What exactly is a Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a health care profession that is concerned with the treatment of mechanical disorders. Its the alternative medicine technique that aims to treat the mechanical deformities via manual therapy involving the musculoskeletal system especially the spine. A general principle of this therapy is that the general health of a person is regulated by nervous system so a healthy and fully functional spine is the aim of all techniques. Chiropractors specialize in the techniques and procedures concerned with this kind of therapy. The principal methods of therapy in chiropractic are

1- Manual therapy involving the spine, soft tissues, and joints.

2- Exercises to maintain the tone of muscles and joints.

3- Counseling to improve lifestyle and thus the general health.

Spinal manipulation is the most common aim of this technique. It involves passive manual maneuver in which the joint complex is extended beyond its range to allow greater flexibility and a wide range of joint movements while preventing the risk of dislocation. A considerable force named as dynamic thrust is applied externally to bring the internal muscular and skeletal adjustments. The sensitive part of this therapy is the HVLA thrust. The velocity and amplitude of this thrust can cause neural discharge depending directly on the intensity of thrust and thus takes part in the maintenance of general health. This is the general principle of chiropractic. A number of different schools offer different techniques. These include

1- Thompson technique

2- Gonstead technique

3- Flexion-distraction

4- Nimmo receptor technique

5- Korean specific technique.

6- Medicine assisted practice

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Chiropractic Techniques

All these techniques operate somewhat differently from others. For example, the Korean technique makes use of an electric device called ArthroStim for spinal manipulation whereas flexion-distraction uses osteopathic principles for adjusting the spine. Also the medicine assisted practice involves the use of anesthesia to operate. But the aim of all these techniques remains the same i.e external manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal system.

As stated earlier chiropractic is alternative medicine and thus chiropractors are not physicians or doctors. This separate field was invented in 1885 by D D Palmer. Although there no clinical evidence of its effect on systemic health, chiropractic is effective greatly in relieving back pain. In developed countries, people employ Chiropractors for back and neck pain relief that is the specialty of this manual therapy. Another positive aspect that favors chiropractic is its cost-effectiveness and low to mild adverse effects only. The incidence of fatal effects of this technique is very rare and needs approval yet.

There’s a difference in opinions about chiropractic among chiropractors. Some think it as a neuromusculoskeletal treatment for manual and physical purposes and others consider it as a general health care unit involving other illnesses. However, this is still a controversy about it but generally, it is believed as nonsurgical spine treatment without the involvement of medicines and surgical instruments.

 This field was not considered a huge success at the time of its invention rather it was considered a controversy that needs to be proven. However, after the development of modern techniques in chiropractic and a number of positive results have changed the perspective about it. People are getting attracted to this type of therapy because of its cost-effectiveness and low side effect profile.

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