Children and Pediatric Chiropractic

The early years are very important in determining how healthy our children will be in later years. It is for exactly this reason that chiropractic care is essential for your child’s health. As with any health issue, preventing the issues in the first place is the best choice of all.

When Is the Right Time to Start?

Just as with anything, stopping a problem when it is small is always better than trying to stop it when it has grown. The youngest patient I had in my practice was less than an hour old. When it comes to pediatrics and chiropractic, I like to see newborn babies as soon after birth as possible. The birth process is obviously very traumatic to the infant and the mother, so the sooner we can literally get our hands on the baby, the sooner we are able to correct any misalignments that occurred during the birth or during development. We see a lot of injuries caused by the birth process itself. The mother is usually unaware as she is typically drugged up and the doctors are doing everything they can to get the baby out. This very aggressive approach can lead to injuries that are overlooked in the infant. When we see babies soon after birth, we can provide corrective care and a great start to healthy life from day one. We recommend evaluating babies and children on a regular basis.

Think about a dentist and the care he gives to your child. You don’t wait until your child is complaining of a toothache before you go to the dentist the first time. Instead, you begin taking them to the dentist at the point that they get teeth and do so twice a year for the rest of their childhood. When there, the dentist will clean their teeth, and fix any problems while they are still small. The dentist will also evaluate your child – her mouth and her dental habits – to help you with ap plan of action for the right care in the future. Be sure to seek out a natural dentist or one that utilizes newer technology and treatments.

The same is true for chiropractic, only chiropractic you are talking about your child’s spine. Since the vertebral column and central nervous system is the master controlling system of every organ, tissue and cell, maintain a healthy spine is imperative.  You can begin taking your child to a doctor of chiropractic from birth and continue to do so for maintenance checks based upon your child’s specific needs. Just as a dentist teaches a child to brush and floss, a chiropractor will teach your child how to care for their spine. They will learn form a young age that spinal degeneration and spinal injury is often preventable.

What Parents Need to Know About Pediatric Chiropractic

Most people wonder, “What in the world could my young child have wrong with their spine that would need a visit to the chiropractor?” The answer is simple. Your child lives a traumatic life. Think about a small child learning to walk and the number of times she sits down hard. Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it but by the time a child is 5 years old, they’ve had approximately 5,000 falls, which can be pretty traumatic in nature, especially if it’s repetitive. Think about the bicycle wrecks, sports, tree climbing, or simply carrying around a school backpack. All of these activities, and more, contribute to spinal problems called subluxations and the need for early adjustments. When subluxations are not addressed they can alter a child’s development. I check and adjust my own children every week.

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